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Amphion One12 studiomonitori

  • Amphion One12 studiomonitori
  • Amphion One12

Amphion Pro

One12 studiomonitori

  • Toimitusaika 0-3 päivää.

Amphionin One12 on pro- sarjan kompakti studiomonitori. Tule tutustumaan Amphion Pro- sarjan studiomonitoreihin Mareksoundin myymälään. Kaikki mallit esilllä ja kuunneltavissa.
The One12 studio monitor utilises a 1″ (25mm) titanium dome tweeter set in a Corian waveguide. The tweeter is meticulously aligned with a 4.5” (115mm) woofer, delivering surprisingly tight and even lows for speakers with such a small footprint. This approach, together with a very low crossover at 1600 Hz, ensures a rock-solid “phantom” center image, exceptional time and phase coherence, spectacular 3D soundstage and imaging, and an extremely wide and deep sweet spot.

“… may be the best small studio speakers ever!”
Jacquire King – Producer, Engineer and Mixer
“A big part of mixing orchestral pieces is being able to hear the dynamics and the One12s make that easy.”
Robbie Soukiasyan – Producer, Engineer and Mixer
“Absolutely fantastic for such a small monitor.”
Jonathan Ojeda – Recording Artist, Mixing & Mastering Engineer
“Unbelievably portable and they sound amazing.”
Rob Hoffman – Producer, Songwriter and Recording Engineer
775,00 €

Tekniset tiedot

  • Toimintaperiaate: 2-tie, passiivi radiaattori
  • Diskanttielementti: 1" titaani / 25mm titaani
  • Keski- / bassoelementti: 4,5" alumiini
  • Jakotaajuus: 1600 Hz
  • Impedanssi: 8 ohm
  • Herkkyys: 84 dB
  • Taajuusvaste: 78 - 20 000 Hz +/-3dB
  • Vahvistinsuositus: 20 - 100 W
  • Mitat (h x w x d): 259 x 132 x 220 mm
  • Paino: 6 Kg



Amphion Pro

One12 studiomonitori