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Amphion One18 studiomonitori

  • Amphion One18 studiomonitori
  • Amphion One18

Amphion Pro

One18 studiomonitori

  • Saatavilla heti varastosta, Toimitusaika 0-3 päivää.

Amphionin One18 on pro- sarjan arvostelumenestys studiomonitori. Tule tutustumaan Amphion Pro- sarjan studiomonitoreihin Mareksoundin myymälään. Kaikki mallit esilllä ja kuunneltavissa. Gearslutzin puhutuin tuote!

Amphion’s One18 studio monitors offer a wide sweet spot and pinpoint-accurate imaged sound. This allows for fast and accurate creative decisions. Whether you are writing music, recording, or mixing, the One18 loudspeakers can be your creative weapon-of-choice. Thanks to their natural tone and balanced frequency response you can enjoy 12-hour-long sessions, with no ear fatigue.

“They have an ability to let me control vocals better than I ever have.”
James Hunt – 2x Grammy-winning Engineer
“Thank you for pushing the boundaries of perfection. You have taken the word ‘listen’ to another level.”
Giancarlo Del Sordo – CEO of Acustica Audio
“When you want to feel you are sitting in the live room”
Robert Carranza – 4x Grammy winning Engineer
“I can mix comfortably, sitting anywhere around the console.”
Norberto Islas – Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer
1 550,00 €

Tekniset tiedot

  • Toimintaperiaate: 2-tie, passiivi radiaattori
  • Diskanttielementti: 1" titaani / 25mm titaani
  • Keski- / bassoelementti: 6.6" alumiini
  • Jakotaajuus: 1600 Hz
  • Impedanssi: 8 ohm
  • Herkkyys: 85 dB
  • Taajuusvaste: 45 - 20 000 Hz +/-3dB
  • Vahvistinsuositus: 30 - 150 W
  • Mitat (h x w x d): 380 x 191 x 305 mm
  • Paino: 12 Kg



Amphion Pro

One18 studiomonitori